Grace Brethren Youth Sports or “GBYS” is a Christian Sports Organization established in 1986 all programsprovide reasonably priced sport activities with family friendly schedules and with NO SUNDAY GAMEPLAY. Most of our games take place on Saturday mornings with the later games being completed by 3pm. Some games may take place during the week after school.

Baseball and Soccer games and practices take place at our home fields located at our Elementary School - 1717 Arcane Street
Footaball and Cheer at the Highschool - 1350 Cherry Avenue
Both locations are in Simi Valley, CA 93065.

GBYS is a non-profit organization. Most of our fundraising comes through parents like you who choose to participate in events such as our ANNUAL PANCAKE BREAKFAST, COOKS NIGHT OUT and a variety of other events. Other sponsorship opportunities come from those of you who own local business and desire to sponsor the league with the purchase of an ADVERTISING BANNER or whom participate in our OPENING DAY CARNIVALS with a vendor booth. All fundraising proceeds are used to boost our program. Grace Brethren Youth Sports was created for the purpose of coaching young people in the GOOD NEWS of JESUS CHRIST while providing a venue of competitive sports. GBYS endeavors to provide "faith based" competition by endorsing team prayer before each game and encouraging group and individual prayers after each practice. GBYS is not intended to be a platform to force our Christian beliefs onto other people. Our philosophy is simple and rooted in our belief of demonstrating God's message of love to all people through the great American pastimes of Football, Baseball, Soccer and Cheer.

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